Tuesday, February 09, 2016
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ICLI Weekend School

Weekend  School

Preserving Our Faith

Over two decades ago, it began with a simple vision and commitment;; to introduce the children of our community to our religion Islam -­-­ a well-­rounded, balanced, and beautiful "way of life".

Over the years, the Weekend School Program has become an integral component of ICLI's overall mission to strengthen and nurture both our present and future generations. The Weekend School is entrusted with the task of promoting and preserving a Muslim identity through a thoughtful and planned curriculum which focuses on teaching children the fundamental principles of out faith. The Weekend School's mission includes providing a

strong religious foundation to the student body. The curriculum is designed to balance all aspects of Islamic learning, including Islamic Practices, Seerah, and Quranic recitation and understanding. The education provided by the Weekend school in a span of three hours on a weekly basis focuses on providing our youth with the knowledge base and confidence to practice Islam and integrate religious teachings into their everyday lives.


The students attending our Weekend School represent tremendous ethnic and cultural diversity, reflective of the Muslim population throughout Long Island, Queens and beyond.

Our school continues to be guided by the following principals:

Faith in Islam is the central principle of our lives;; it defines our identity.

Moral values espoused by Islam are the foundation on which we strive to build our personal, family and 

social lives.

Our youth must be empowered to succeed using the guidance of Islam.

Students deserve an environment conducive to learning, which respects and promotes our cultural diversity.

Tolerance and respect for all people, including those of other faiths, is a value we cherish deeply.



In order to achieve its mission of providing quality Islamic education, The Education Committee, worked diligently to:


  • Recruit and retain qualified teachers includ-­ ing specialty Salat instructors.

  • Provide on-­going teacher training before and after the start of the school

  • Revise and rejuvenate a robust Islamic cur-­ riculum to meet the needs of each student from grades New Moon through F. Develop a sound governance structure for over-­ all effective management of ICLI's Weekend School.



The committee worked diligently throughout the summer of 2009 and with the Grace of Allah (SWT), managed to offer a cohesive and highly

balanced Islamic education program to registered students.


The strength of the program is reflected in the number of students registered in the program for the school year 2009/2010. The registration surpassed all estimates by the Committee and unfortunately a number of children could not be accommodated due to lack of space.

As we move forward, we at ICLI are committed to improve, enhance, evolve and work towards maintaining a dynamic and engaging educational pro-­ gram. The involvement of our community is crucial in this task. The focus of the Weekend School has been and still is to provide well-­rounded religious instruction and strengthen student's Muslim identity. The children of our community are the future bearers

of our wonderful faith. Collectively, we must ensure that our faith, culture, and cherished values are preserved for the generations to come.


We, at Education Committee, will continue to utilize resources offered by our community and utilize our collective efforts and strengths in making the ICLI Weekend School program a unique gift to our children for our future.






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